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We are committed to preserving the genetic health and the heritage of the Berger des Pyrénées or Pyrenean Sheep Dog. Located in the United States, our puppies are out of dogs imported from top breeders in France and other parts of Europe who also share our passion for the “little shepherd.” Our breeding program is the result of over two decades of partnership, mentoring and relationship building--and above all, it is built on honesty. We do not breed dogs, however beautiful, that are suffering from structural or other health concerns. Our only goal is breed preservation.

Bien-Aimé dogs have outstanding temperaments and are of excellent type with sound structure. Their pedigrees line back to the very first breed champions from the turn of the last century and include winners of international breed club specialities, world dog shows, and kennel club events around the globe. Our own dogs, though few in number, have garnered top awards both in domestic competitions and other parts of the world.

We host a forum for international fanciers and are members in good standing with the breed clubs in France, Great Britain and the US where we are an AKC Breeder of Merit. We have written, edited and collaborated on breed articles and support and participate in world-wide health initiatives and data sharing. Please check our site for updates and our blog for all things Bien-Aimé.

French Champion Berouyette de Lucvielle ca 1920’s


A love affair with dogs

Involved with Pyrenean Shepherds since the mid-90’s we are one of the very first breeders in North America.  We breed selectively for the sole purpose of helping with genetic bottleneck.  With very limited breeding, our dogs are titled in conformation and performance and are ranked among the top dogs in the breed.

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